Short Break


Hey Everyone, Erik Here!
So back in October I got into a car accident, I was fine but my car was totaled. My primary source of income is driving for a ride share app so to have my car totaled was a rather big setback. I have depression and anxiety normally and this made them worse. I started getting behind in Patreon releases so much so that we didn’t charge our patrons last month because they weren’t getting what was promised. For those of you who have depression/anxiety too, you might be able to understand how that just made the whole problem worse.
We’ve also gotten so many new fans lately thanks to you guys spreading the word and especially Will for being so involved with our fans. And ironically this just added to my anxiety of letting you all down instead of spurring me ahead.
It became so bad that when i would go to edit an episode i would start to hyperventilate because of the anxiety build up. This was a vicious cycle, to where now, I’m even a week behind on public release.
So what does this all mean?
Well first off All Roads Tavern is not ending, I repeat it is NOT ending. But for the public releases it will go on a short hiatus. I am going to continue to edit and I will release on Patreon until I have three episodes released there and then the public feed will resume. This will take a few weeks, but the public feed will start again sometime in January, at which time we will resume charging on Patreon.
In the meantime, we will still be recording some new content, and live streaming it on twitch as we normally do, starting on December 17th with new Maids the RPG content about Santa and his Elves (where the elves are the maids). Cory will be there with us again and so will another wonderful longtime Patron, Nichole!
You all have been supportive when I’ve had other issues pop up in the past and i’m guessing you still will be, but I still wanted to apologize for getting so far behind. So thank you all for your patience
And remember, all roads lead, to All Roads Tavern.

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