All about LithMage Adventures! Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we design, modify, and produce games and modules for RPGs. We record what we play on All Roads Tavern! Hosted by Erik Beltz All Roads Tavern and Clearing my Queue (on hiatus) make up the shows LithMage Adventures produces. Please, take a look around and follow Erik @LithMageLLC

Our Patron Heroes

  • @ChiefMcClane
  • William
  • Nicole
  • Cory
  • Kyla
  • Roy
  • Brownie

All Roads Tavern Crew

  • Cort Bechtell
    Cort is one of Erik’s oldest friends. A true jack-of-all-trades, Cort makes models – both physically and virtually – draws, paints, fixes computers, writes, builds websites, create YouTube videos, repairs things, and hopes one day to have a full workshop so he can build anything he desires, including but not limited too, giant monument to his own ego!

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  • Erik Beltz
    Erik loves stories in all their glory, movies, books, tv, rpgs, tabletop games, telling, hearing, and helping other tell theirs.

    He inspires to convert his love of stories into a viable career through his Company LithMage LLC where he makes podcasts for Actual Role Play Games and Movie Reviews.

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  • Isaiah Laughlin
    Isaiah was a true diamond in the rough for RPGs. Erik discovered Isaiah’s desire to be an improv actor and felt like he would be a great addition to the podcast.

  • Nathan Lueth
    Nathan is an illustrator, caricature artist, and webcomic creator. Erik brought Nate into All Roads Tavern because of his unique and in-depth characters. Also, we needed a melee character… mostly the melee character.

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  • William Schar
    Will is a teacher, RPG lover, and a bottomless well of ideas! Long time friend of Cort, Erik, and Nate.

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  • Terrell Willhite
    Terrell was rumored in the workplace to be a nerd. Erik, always on the lookout for fellow nerds, sought him out. It was quickly found out that Terrell yearned for deep character development – something Erik related too heavily. With a keen curiosity in both self and character, Terrell challenges any GM to expand upon their world so he can explore it.