Void Ocean #71 “Smaller Symptoms of a Larger Problem”

With no sign of Billius, the crew heads off into the city themselves. Though, the main obstacle they have to overcome isn’t necessarily the possessed citizens.

On Tap: Whisky Maple Mixer; Jamison + ice, Tim Tams


  1. Just finished episode 71 of Void Ocean…Salt deserves a hero point. Dunno what kind of feedback you get..but that might be a reason for people to reply..to award hero points.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying Salt’s story! We appreciate any feedback. I’ll pass that hero point along to Will on our next recording!

  2. Thank you, Roy!

    I tought salt was surprisingly leve heade in that crisis as well. And i was him! I will take your hero point through the time travel vortex in the Tavern’s Pantry! It will do me well in the dark futuristic megaweeks of 2025!

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