Dead bodies and stargazing

Inspired by Stefan Koidl “The girl in the sea” –
He had been dumping bodies in the lagoon for years. It was a nice spot, isolated, surrounded by trees, pretty deep, and as far as he could tell no one else knew about the place.
Then one night once the latest body had been fully swallowed up by the waters he looked up to see a small rowboat, a man watched with horrified, knowing eyes, his arms holding a small girl in a protective embrace as she clung to him.
The man in the rowboat managed to only grab the two oars before a bullet ripped through his chest. The girl shrieked at the gunshot, and yelped as the dead body slumped over and capsizing the small boat.
The girl surfaced, struggling to stay afloat. He shot at her a few more times but never knew if he hit her before she vanished beneath the waters.
It didn’t sit right. He disposed of bodies, he didn’t make them. Maybe it was time to find a new spot to dump the bodies, maybe it was time to find a new job…

His boat sputtered to silence as he slowed to a stop in the lagoon. He had not dumped anything here in over a year, but he still had nightmares of that night. He wasn’t sure what he would do, but he needed to put his mind to rest. He kneeled at the side of his boat and folded his hands in prayer. His eyes looked up to the sky, so full of stars. Maybe that’s why they had been out here…
He sighed, what right did he have to ask God for anything?
His boat shook, like something large hit it. His eyes looked around frantically. The boat dipped suddenly, and again. On the third dip the side of the boat was yanked below the water, throwing him out into the night’s cold ocean. He sputtered as he surfaced and saw his boat sinking. He looked for the closest shoreline when something cold and hard wrapped around his ankles, and he managed a short yelp before he was plunged deep under the water.
His lungs burned for new air.
His body felt the weight of the water around him.
His heart froze as the girl stood before him.