Gentle Snow, Brutal Cold

Inspired by Ryan Yee “Blood Bairn”

His horse was tired, he was tired, the night was set, and the cold was biting. He regretted pushing the last bit of his journey through the night attempting to make it to town early. Now he feared he had taken a wrong turn in the woods. Then, as soft as the falling snow, came the giggling of a child. Confused he made his way down the road in search. Two dead men and a dead horse lay in the road, ripped apart and bloody. A girl knelt next to one of the men and stood when she hear his approach.
“Please sir, I need help. A creature of something awful attacked and killed them.” She giggled as she licked her blood-drenched hand. Her eyes shone crimson as she stared at him.
“Please sir, help me. I’m so very hungry.”